Orange Class Science and Sensory Learning

Orange Class have been reading Jack and the Beanstalk as we come towards the close of the spring term. We will be backing up this learning in the summer term by growing our very own plants!

Cress seeds will be the main seeds that will be planted. These will be grown in transparent cups so that we can look at the progress of the seeds as they grow.

The children have been learning about how we need to look after plants. Each class member will be helping to water the seeds. We will also make sure that they receive plenty of sunlight. We are hopeful of holding a tasting session once the cress has grown.

Orange class children have been working on their speech skills as part of our literacy learning. A series of cards showing different objects or scenes are presented to the children. Adults work one-on-one to help the children form a sentence around the picture.

This work has advanced to include positional text, such as on top, or under. The children are encouraged to build these phrases into their descriptions.

We are also proud of the new sensory space that our fantastic support staff have helped to put together. This has been assembled on a low budget. The children have found the sensory activities very stimulating.

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