Class 11MA Work on Turney School Documentary

Class 11MA have now completed all their exams. The students worked hard on the various GCSE Entry Level exams. Pupils have completed papers on history, geography, RE, science, food tech, art and maths. The teaching staff have praised the students for remaining focussed. Plenty of preparation took place ahead of the exams.

The students will still be busy between now and the end of the summer term. One of our major projects is an English piece of work involving making a documentary. The general themes is a day in the life at Turney School.

Class 11MA have completed every aspect of this project. This includes the research, the script writing and the filming. It will serve as a lasting momentum of what it means to be a Turney student in the summer of 2017.

The grand screening of the film will take place at the school on 6 July. Attention has now turned to the promotion of the film. Class 11MA are designing the programmes and the ticket distribution. These will soon be made available to all Year 11 parents and carers.

The pupils are also looking forward to many trips that are planned for the rest of the term. This includes a trip to Chessington on 6 June. Thoughts are also turning towards the Turney Leavers’ Fair on 18 July.

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