Class 9TD Look at Alliteration in English Lessons

Class 9TD have been continuing to learn about poetry as part of our summer term English learning. We have completed the unit looking at the use of rhyme in poetry. The students have now been considering what is meant by alliteration.

We started this learning by a sharing a poem together. The pupils were asked to describe what was unique about the writing. One class member was able to identify that the first letter for each word on a line was the same. We learnt that this is alliteration!

The Class 9TD pupils were then asked to compose their own poem using alliteration. Some prompt cards were used to help with this. The students had to select three animals. We then thought of a word to describe each animal, and an activity that they might be doing. All these words started with the same letter.

You can listen to one of the Class 9TD pupils sharing his alliteration poetry in the recordings below.

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