Year 13 Students Improve Development Work Skills

The Year 13 Turney Students have been focussing on their development work skills. Key to this learning is the ability to follow instructions. Some of the students use picture prompts to help with this. Other class members follow written instructions.

One of the activities to help improve the development skills has been a food tech task to bake some rock cakes. The adult support has been reduced as the students complete the task over a number of weeks. This led to most students working independently.

A green and red work flow has also been used. This is a method that we are introducing throughout Turney School. When a task needs to be completed it is listed in a green column. The students know that it has been completed when they place it in the red column.

Year 13 will be baking more cakes after the half term break. We are working towards holding a cake sale later on in the summer term. This will also require the students to demonstrate enterprise skills.

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