Year 7 Music and Movement Video

Our music learning in Year 7 has involved the pupils looking at different pitches. The main aim is to distinguish between high and low sounds. The pupils have been using the school keyboards to help with this. Year 7 have been placing sign for high and low at the correct end of the keyboards.

This has led to an understanding of moving up or down the keyboard. A similar exercise has been completed with class members asked to identify if a scale is going up or down.

Our music lessons also involves some fun physical activity. Marching to music takes place around the school music studio. Year 7 are asked to listen to the pitch of the music, and to change their movement when it speeds up or slows down.

Each music sessions comes to a close with some relaxing music to listen to. Sensory materials such as fabrics are made available to help create a sense of calm for the Year 7 pupils.

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