Orange Class Trip to the Turney School Allotments

Orange Class have been continuing with their weekly trips to the Turney School allotments. We make the short walk each Tuesday to the allotments along Rosendale Road.

This is a great opportunity for the Orange Class children to feel comfortable in our community. Teaching staff talk about what we can see around us. Road safety is an important feature as we cross the road very carefully.

A short walk usually follows once the children arrive at the allotment. The Rosendale space has a few climbs which can give amazing veiws across London.

We observe what other allotment holders are growing during the walk. Staff members talk with the children and ask them to describe what they can see.

It is then time for work! The Turney School allotment always needs some care and attention. Orange Class have been helping by watering the vegetables and digging out the weeds. We talk about how the plants need looking after with plenty of water and sun.

A brief snack beak then takes place ahead of the walk back to Turney School. We make sure that the school shed is locked up and all the tools have been put away.

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