Year 11 Produce A Day in the Life of Turney School Video

Year 11 were able to complete an impressive English topic as their final piece of learning for 2017. The students have been working for a couple of months on a school video documentary. The theme was: A Day in the Life of Turney School.

The project involved the pupils completing the production tasks at every level. We started off by identifying the documentary genre. The students looked at how locations can help to set the theme. We then looked at the language and dialogue that feature in documentaries.

The next stage was to plan the filming. Year 11 came up with some ideas about where we could film in the school, and who we would like to appear. It soon emerged that the idea of interviews would be great.

All Year 11 pupils were then involved in the production of the documentary. We filmed at different locations and interviewed both staff and students. This was a great exercise to help develop our verbal language skills.

Miss M was able to add some expert help to the editing process. The pupils had some input by suggesting which music to appear at different parts in the film.

A Day in the Life of Turney School then received a special screening at the school. The students organised the publicity for the film and designed the tickets. Parents and carers were invited to come along. Popcorn and soft drinks were served by the pupils.

We received plenty of praise for the film. Some of the parents commented on how detailed the film was. The total running time was 20 minutes. We are proud to share some of the edited highlights in the video above.

One thought on “Year 11 Produce A Day in the Life of Turney School Video

  • September 18, 2017 at 10:13 am

    I remember being in Turney School. I loved it!I now have two beautiful kids. Thanks so much for my education from Elizabeth Kerr. My teacher was Miss Handa.

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