Autumn Term Curriculum in Green Class

Our main topic in Green Class for the autumn term is animals. The children will be learning about farmyard animals and jungle animals. We will be thinking about why some animals prefer to live in one environment over the other.

Animal Boogie will be our main class reading book for English lessons. Plenty of play activities based around the story are planned.

Our science learning will look at how animals are different to one another. In geography we will be learning about where different animals live.

Maths work will involve counting animals. The children will be introduced to the terms ‘more’ or ‘less’ as part of our maths vocabulary. Sensory maths activities will also take place such as drawing out numbers in the large trays.

Finally our life skills learning in Green Class will involve the children visiting local shops. We will be planning what we need to buy in advance. The children will work with an adult to pay for the goods and feel confident in our local community.

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