First Food Tech Session for the New Class 7MA Students

Class 7MA recently had their first food tech session as secondary school pupils. Our early learning looked at some of the key rules that we all must stick to if we want to keep safe.

These are:

No running.

Always wear an apron.

Wash your hands before handling food and

work on your own workstation.

The pupils were then asked to explore the resources in the food tech space. We looked in the cupboards for our own workstations to see what we could find.

Some of the utensils were new for the pupils. A worksheet was completed to help Class 7MA become familiar with the resources that we will be using.

Each pupil cut out an image of a utensil, and then matched it on their worksheet. The food tech adult team asked plenty of questions about the utensils and what we use them for.

This is all important preparation for the practical learning that will follow over the coming weeks.

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