Fun and Learning in Lime Class for the Autumn Term

Lime Class have been playing plenty of games at the start of the new term. These are a good opportunity to become familiar with our friends following the summer break.

The pupils have been enjoying playing with a large blanket. All class members are asked to hold the edges of the blanket. One of our friends then hides underneath. The children have to guess who is underneath the blanket. We sign out the name of our friend.

We have also made a positive start to our table work in Lime Class. Different activities are structured to meet the learning needs of each pupil.

Some of the class members have been completing a word sorting exercise. Two different phonics sounds are used. The pupils are presented with a series of pictures. We have to sort the images into the correct column by sounding out the phonics at the start of each word.

Another table work activity involved threading some spindles on to a piece of string. The aim is to improve the fine motor skills of the pupils. This will then lead to using a pencil with confidence.

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