Planting Autumn Bulbs in Purple Class

Purple Class have wasted no time in planting some garlic bulbs ahead of the autumn days that are approaching. The children will be learning about habitats until half term. This led to a fun planting session in the school courtyard.

Some instructions needed to be followed by all class members. We walked through the school and towards the courtyard. The tools needed for the task were then handed out.

A large bucket was then introduced. We had great fun sining the What’s In the Bucket song. We found some compost and some plant pots in the bucket. Each class member added some compost into the small pots.

The garlic bulbs were then handed around. Purple Class were encouraged to smell the cloves and feel their shape.

Each class member planted a clove. We then added some water and placed these in the sun. The session finished with a recap of the sequence needed to plant our bulbs.

Outdoor work will continue in Purple Class throughout the term. We will be exploring our habitats topic by visiting Brockwell Park and the school allotments.

Elsewhere in Purple Class and we have been enjoying our weekly music lessons. The pupils are encouraged to explore the many instruments independently and to see how the different sounds are made.

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