Year 12 PE Trampolining Skills

The new Year 12 students at Turney School have been enjoying some trampolining sessions as part of our PE learning. Mr Jones spoke about the importance of safety. If we are not taking part on the trampoline then we need to act as spotters to keep everyone safe.

The students have started work on putting together a short routine. Three key techniques have been practiced: tuck jumps, star jumps and half turns.

Mr Jones has been helping the pupils to stay in the centre of the trampoline. This is the area that is the safest part of the trampoline.

The students have been encouraged to swing their arms to help build up the momentum whilst we are jumping. We have also learnt how to use our knees and arms when we want to come to a halt.

You can watch a short video of some of the Year 12 students in action above.

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