Purple Class Park Visits, Shopping Trips and Music

The new Purple Class children have settled well into the routine of the Turney School day. The children are now learning to work independently when we have our daily table work challenges.

The weekly trips to Brockwell Park have been continuing. We have been exploring the many different activities that take place in the park.

The pupils are also visiting the local shops each Friday. We take a prepared shopping list ahead of our food tech lessons.

We also look forward each week to our visit to the Turney School music studio with Miss G. Each class member is given a free choice of which instruments they would like to play. This then allows the staff to target any help the pupils might need in playing their instruments.

Different targets are set for each class member. Some of the children are working on how to manipulate the keyboards to create a sound. Co-ordination on the drums is another target that has been set. The ukulele players have been given help in how to hold the instrument correctly.

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