Turney Sixth Form Students Create Festival Artwork

The Turney Sixth Form students have started a new art topic learning about festivals and events. This is part of the AQA level art qualification that the students will be taking. The aim is to find artistic inspiration by looking at different festivals and events.

We have started our research by looking at some of the major festivals that take place around the world. The students have looked in at Glastonbury and how art can help to bring some extra magic to the festival.

The Sixth Form students were inspired by some of the large colourful lettering on the site that spells out Glastonbury. We had the idea to produce something similar that spelt out our own names. This helps to make the project relevant for the students.

Each student is working on decorating either their initials or full names with different resources. Some careful cutting and sticking has taken place.

Once the letters are finished then we plan to take our names to the park and place them in the ground. Photos will be taken to help recreate the Glastonbury Festival feeling.

Our festivals will then be researched. The students will be seeing how art plays an important role at events such as Day of the Dead, Notting Hill Carnival and Burning Man.

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