Busy Second Half of the Autumn term in Purple Class

The Purple Class children have been enjoying different activities since the half term break. We have started to read We’re Going on a Bear Hunt as our shared class reading book. The children have been paying particular attention to some of the phonics that we can hear in the story.

Our weekly trips to Brockwell Park have been continuing. Many different games are played here. A Purple Class favourite is the game of Eye Spy. Plus as ever with Purple Class, we always have plenty of songs and music to keep the children happy throughout the day!

Elsewhere and it is worth mentioning some of the individual learning plans that the Purple Class children have with our specialist Communication Team at Turney School.

These are one-on-one sessions. The aim is to improve the communication and confidence levels of each class member.

The main learning resource for this exercise is the Picture Exchange Communication system. This is a visual aid that pupils use to request any resources. It is the building block for all communication throughout Turney School.

Some of the children have been working with our specialist Communication Team on using PECS to requests toys to play with. One example is a rotating cogs mechanism. Individual cogs are requested via PECS to build up the overall game.

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