Busy Time in Silver Class – View the Presentation

Silver Class have been enjoying different curriculum activities since the half term break. The children have been given help to improve their communication and language skills.

The Picture Exchange Communication system is key to this. The children use symbols of toys that they would like to play with. Once they have made the choice then they are given the reward of some free time with their chosen toy. The PECS system has also been used to help the children learn the names of colours.

Our art and craft learning in Silver Class has seen the children painting with nature objects. We have been making use of some of the autumnal nature items that we can find around us. These have then be used for printing patterns.

Silver Class have been having great fun with their weekly cooking sessions. Recent menu items have included pizza and baking gingerbread men.

Our PE time in Silver Class involves the children having a free choice with some of the large inflatable toys. We encourage the class members to show some awareness of others around them. Improving fine motor skills is another aim.

Other Silver Class activities involve free play, messy play and music therapy. You can view photos of all these activities in a PowerPoint presentation over here.

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