Class 10JB Use PECS to Help with Snack Choices

Class 10JB have made some brilliant progress with their non-verbal skills during tutorial time. This is a shared occasion each morning where we come together and focus on our communication skills.

Much of this activity is based around the morning snack routine. The students are encouraged to work independently during the preparation of their snacks.

The Picture Exchange Communication system is key here. Class members use their boards to make a request for the food that they would like to prepare.

A recent session saw toast as a popular option. The students used their PECS boards to make the request, and then placed the toast in the toaster themselves.

Preparation for the snack took place whilst the toast was cooking. The pupils have been matching up large diagrams of plates and cutlery with the items that they will need.

The final PECS choice was for the topping for the toast. The students were asked to spread the margarine and jam without any adult support.

These sessions come to a close with dishes and cutlery being cleaned and put away. Class 10JB are all now confident in making their choices and then preparing their snack independently.

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