Keeping our Teeth Clean in Blue Class

Blue Class have been busy keeping their teeth clean as part of our current science learning. We have been understanding why it is important to clean our teeth twice a day, as well as making regular visits to the dentist.

A practical exercise took place. All the children spent a little time after lunch cleaning our teeth. A large model of a gum was used to show where we need to be concentrating our efforts.

The pupils carried out a self-assessment exercise by looking in a mirror to make sure that we hadn’t missed any areas.

This science learning will lead to looking at the types of food that are healthy for our teeth. We will be reading a non-fiction book to help boost this knowledge.

Elsewhere in Blue Class and our maths learning has focussed on single digit numbers. All the pupils are learning how to count from one to nine along the number line.

Our English work has involved the Blue Class pupils reading Room on the Broom. This is piece of text that is the perfect introduction poetry for the pupils. The children will be learning how to use rhyming words.

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