Orange Class English, Maths and Humanities Learning

Orange Class have been reading Duck on a Bike as our main class book after the half term break. We have used this story to help the children continue with their phonics learning.

Different table activities have taken place based around the book. Some of the children have been putting together a storyboard to show the events in the correct sequence. Other class members have been arranging the words in the title to form the correct order.

Orange Class have enjoyed finding out about the different animals in the story. We have been learning how we can identify each character in the book.

Elsewhere in Orange Class and our maths work has involved sorting objects by different criteria. We have looked at big and small shapes, as well as colour. The children have been looking at repeating patterns using some of the characters from the Duck on a Bike book.

Finally our humanities work in Orange Class has looked at the weather. The children have been answering the question each day: how is the weather? We have asked the children to give reasons for their choice.

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