Class 11EG End of Term Drama Activities

Class 11EG have carried out some thoughtful drama activities towards the end of the autumn term.

We usually start our lessons with a brief news catch up. An online bulletin is watched. Class teacher Miss M then asks the students questions based around what they have watched.

It was then time for some drama. Class 11EG have been learning about some of the characteristics that define a good story. We have been looking at how a plot needs a beginning, a problem, a solution and then an ending.

A brainstorming exercise took place. Each class member contributed to help put together a scene, a set of characters and a story. This involved a couple of cousins playing football in their garden. A disagreement takes place. A family member helped to resolve the situation.

Different roles were divided up amongst the class members. We had a Director, a Set Designer and some actors. Class 11EG performed brilliantly by improvising out their ideas.

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