Class 9RH Bake Tasty Mince Pies in Food Tech

Class 9RH celebrated the end of term by baking some tasty festive mince pies. One of the main aims for this session was for the pupils to be able to select the cooking equipment that would be needed. Mixing bowls, rolling pins and pastry cutters were all required.

Each pupil then worked through the recipe sheet that was provided. We had to roll out our pastry to the right level of thickness. It was then cut out and placed in the baking trays.

Another skill was to judge the amount of filling needed for each pie. The Class 9RH members were asked to think about what might happen if we placed too much inside ahead of baking the pies in the oven.

The end result was a selection of perfectly baked mince pies for the class members to take home and share with their family.

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