Lime Class Trips and Looking Ahead to the Spring Term

The Lime Class children have enjoyed an exciting end of term. Plenty of preparations for Christmas have taken place. We all made some baubles to sell at the Turney Christmas Bazaar. The children sounded wonderful singing Santa Clause is Coming to Town as part of the Christmas concert.

We have also been finishing the final parts of our learning for the autumn term. The children have been looking at mammals, birds, amphibians and fish. The main learning objective was to be able to compare and contrast these different groups.

Some of this knowledge was put to the practical test as part of our visit to London Zoo. Lime Class also enjoyed a trip to the London Transport Museum. We continue to visit the local Cafe Lulu each week as part of our community learning.

The new spring term will see Lime Class starting a new class topic. We will be finding out all about ancient civilisations. Ancient Egypt will be the first period in history that the children will focus upon. This will be cross-curriculum learning with all subject areas exploring ancient civilisations.

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