Class 11EG Start English Topic Learning About Detectives

Class 11EG have returned after the Christmas break with plenty of enthusiasm for their English learning. Our Monday morning sessions usually start by sharing some weekend activities.

English teacher Miss M encourages each student to use their vocabulary to describe what they have been doing with family and friends.

The pupils have started an exciting new topic for the spring term. We will be carrying our plenty of research and written work all about the role of detectives. We will be reading various texts and helping to solve some crime problems.

This learning started with a class brainstorming session. Miss M asked the students what type of work a detective might do. We heard about helping people and solving crime.

This led to a class conversation about how we can define stealing. A couple of scenes were acted out to demonstrate the difference between stealing and borrowing.

Individual table time followed. Some of the students were asked to look at a selection of images. The task was to sort them into categories of stealing and not stealing. Another group produced a piece of written work to expand upon this.

Future weeks will involved Class 11EG reading crime reports. We will try and understand how people might feel if they are the victim of crime. We will also be solving some fictional crime stories.

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