Class 9RH Look at Life Cycles During Science Lessons

Class 9RH are looking at different life cycles as our main science learning for the spring term. We started off this work by learning about the life cycle of frogs.

Some circle time was shared watching a short video. The students followed how eggs become tadpoles, then froglets and finally frogs. Class teacher Miss G asked the pupils to describe what was happening.

Some new vocabulary was introduced. The students were asked to think about what is meant by the term transformation.

Individual table work followed. One group of students answered a set of questions that describe the transformation process for frogs. Miss G expected a strong use of punctuation.

Another set of pupils identified the key features during each stage of the transformation. These were then matched up the word with the pictures.

A final group of students cut out some pictures of the four stages and then stuck these in their science books.

Class 9RH will continue with this life cycle theme throughout the spring term. We will be comparing how other animal species go about the process of transformation and growing.

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