Sixth Form Students Learn About Instrument Sounds

The Turney School Sixth Form students have been working across different learning aims as part of our regular music lessons. These are fun sessions with the aim of helping all students to feel confident in exploring the sounds that we can make.

One group of pupils has been looking at how a guitar works. We have labelled diagrams showing how each part helps to produce the sound. The students have taken it in turns to explore the guitar to hear the sounds being made.

Other Year 13 students have been understanding the difference between a high and a low pitch. Work has been carried out on the school keyboards to help with this task.

A final learning aim for a third group is to listen out for a long or a short sound. Once again the keyboards are used for this task alongside adult support.

The reward for completing these tasks is choosing time. The Picture Exchange Communication system is used to make the request. The students are able to choose to play the drums, the ukulele or the guitar.

Each music lesson ends with a relaxation period. Some gentle music is played. Fabrics are introduced to help with sensory needs.

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