Class 10TD Complete Food Tech Pasta Topic

Class 10TD have reached the end of their food tech pasta topic. We have been baking a selection of different pasta based meals throughout the spring term. Our final dish was a tasty vegetable pasta bake.

The students should all now be familiar with how long we need to cook pasta for so that it tastes fresh. We started this session by sampling three portions of spaghetti. One was under-cooked, another was over-cooked whilst the final was al dente – Italian for perfect!

Preparation then took place for our vegetable pasta dish. The vegetables were chopped and the cheese was grated. The pasta was weighed out.

Class 10TD have been using their maths skills to help with this. We know that if one person needs 100g of pasta then two people would need 200g.

The recipe was followed by each class member. We encouraged all pupils to work independently, but with adult support nearby if needed.

Hopefully our pasta topic will encourage the students to cook for their families at home. We have been learning how pasta can be a very healthy part of our diet. All the recipes prepared at Turney School are simple enough for the pupils to bake at home.

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