Class 11EG Prepare for ICT Coding and Programming

Class 11EG have been working on different learning targets during our regular ICT lessons. These have included login skills, typing, puzzles and coding.

Each class member has their unique login. Some of the students who are working on their keyboard skills have been encouraged to login to the school network independently.

Another typing exercise has helped some of the pupils with their punctuation. A set of on screen words need to be typed out. The task requires the students to think about adding in capital letters and full stops.

A final group of students have been preparing for some complex coding work. We have see how coding is a set of instructions telling you what to do next.

We have worked on paper first follow directional instructions. These include forwards, backwards, up and down. A grid system has been used to plot a set course with the instructions being followed.

The next level of learning will be to transfer these skills online and attempt computer coding. Class 11EG will be using direction skills to navigate around some online mazes.

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