Class 8CM PE Focus on Jumping and Balancing

Class 8CM have been building up their confidence using the school gymnastics equipment. Our PE lessons have seen a new warm up activity. Two teams are asked to collect the beans bags that match the colour of their bib. These are placed in a hoop. The aim is to improve speed and be the first team to finish.

The main PE focus in Class 8CM has been to improve our confidence on an obstacle choice. This involves clearing a big gym jumping box. The students start on the green marker and then start their run up.

A choice is given between either jumping or climbing on to the box. Some careful balancing takes place, before a big jump on to a red marker on the soft landing mat.

The next stage of the obstacle course involves balancing. Two benches are walked across. One of them is turned upside down to give a narrow balancing point. All the pupils were able to make an improvement with repeated sessions.

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