Green Class Spring Term Learning

Green Class have been coming up with some thoughtful work based on our current class reading book Hands Are Not For Hitting. This story helps the children to think about what they can do if they become angry. The children have been thinking of how we can help ourselves if we feel angry.

The children have also been working well during our daily guided reading sessions. We have been working hard on improving our handwriting and letter formation.

Maths learning is Green Class has involved the pupils learning about money. We have been recognising the difference between pounds and pence. Plenty of cutting and matching table work activities have been completed.

The pupils have also been looking at shapes. We have been seeing how we can identify different shapes such as circles, rectangles and hearts.

Science work in Green Class has seen the children exploring human growth and development. We have been seeing how our bodies change from being babies through to adults.

This work will continue after the half term break. It will be extended to cover the idea of healthy bodies and healthy minds. We will be seeing how we can improve our behaviour by eating well and taking plenty of exercise.

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