Silver Class Speech and Communication Skills

Silver Class are working each morning on improving their speech and communication skills. We usually share some whiteboard time together as part of our circle time.

The children have been learning about animals and colours as we approach the half term break. The question is asked:

“What do you see?”

The whiteboard then shows animals with a distinctive colour. The Silver Class children are encouraged to reply:

“I see an orange tiger.

I see a green snake.

I see a black spider.”

One of the aims is to help the children with their sentence structure.

Class teacher Aga and her team help out with the words and the signs. All the children are encouraged to communicate what they can see each time.

Table work activities in Silver Class have been themed around our winter topic. The children have been recognising the difference between hot and cold.

Some sensory activities have taken place. The children have been handling ice, and then comparing this to a warm surface such as the school radiator.

Matching activities have also taken place. The children have been asked to pair up a winter themed picture card with a similar image in their workbooks. Cutting and sticking helps to improve the motor skills of the children.

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