Class 11EG Plan Entry Level Science Experiment

The students of Class 11EG have been working on a complex science experiment as part of their Entry Level assessment. The aim was to find out if the density of seeds planted close together has an impact on how well they grow. The pupils were expected to plan each stage of the experiment independently.

Our experiment involved placing different numbers of cress seeds in a growing dish. Some dishes contained may seeds close together; others only had a single seed.

The first step was to select the suitable equipment. The method then had to be planned. Many tasks were presented in a random order. The students were asked to place these in the correct sequence.

Other considerations included making sure that we set up a fair test, and thinking how we could collect and present the data. Accuracy was also important. We agreed to carry out the test more than once to get a balanced result. Finally a prediction was made.

Each string of cress was measured. The students were able to conclude that cress grows better if it is given a low density space.

Other students in Class 11EG have been learning about the human reproduction system. They have completed some very mature work identifying and labelling different body parts.

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