Purple Class Trips to Brockwell Park

Purple Class have been making the most of the spring weather by making regular trips to the nearby Brockwell Park. The pupils often stop at a local garden centre along the way. We look at the seeds that are on sale and plan what we might want to grow back at Turney School.

The short walk is always plenty of fun! Staff members encourage plenty of conversation to help with language skills. The pupils talk about what they can see and hear around them in their local community. We point out door numbers and look for different coloured houses. Road safety is also considered.

There are so many activities for the children to enjoy at Brockwell Park. We have been climbing to the top of the park and looking out across the views of London. The children sing The Grand Old Duke of York as we head up the hill. Purple Class have also enjoyed looking at the ducks in the Brockwell ponds.

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