Class 11EG Entry Level Science Experiment Preparation

Entry Level science is keeping some of the Class 11EG students busy during the first half of the summer term. The pupils have been planning a practical experiment that they will soon be carrying out independently.

The aim is to find out which of three materials is best at insulating heat in a cup of hot water. The students were asked to plan every stage of the experiment. This included thinking about the equipment needed, and then sequencing the method.

We decided to test three different surfaces for insulation: white paper, dark paper and tin foil. We also thought about how we could make this a fair experiment. The water would need to be the same temperature for each cup.

Science teacher Miss G asked the students to make a predication about which paper would be the best insulator. The next stage will be to carry out our instructions to complete the experiment. Class 11EG will then write up their experiment as part of their entry level assessment.

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