Class 8CM Explore the New Turney School Library

Class 8CM were the first students to use our amazing new Turney School library! English teacher Miss M has been working hard on improving the resources that we are able to offer.

A local publishing firm kindly agreed to donate a selection of books that are suitable to our students. This then led to other companies and organisations also joining in. We now have over 400 new reading books for our students!

These have been organised into fiction and non-fiction categories. Each style is then broken down further into genres. These are colour coded so that the students are able to make a selection.

Our library sessions in Class 8CM usually start with some shared reading. One class member is asked to choose a book. This is carried out using the Picture Exchange Communication system.

Miss M asks questions throughout the story to help with the plot. The book is then returned to the correct place in the library.

The second half of our library time involves each class member choosing their own book. The PECS system is used again. Quiet reading then follows.

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