Summer Term Healthy Eating in Orange Class

Orange Class are excited about reading The Very Hungary Caterpillar as our shared reading book for the summer term. We will be using some of the ideas in the story to think about what types of food are healthy to eat.

The children wil be using fun with food sessions to prepare practical tasty snacks. We plan to introduce the children to new fruit and vegetables that they haven’t tasted before. Speech and language will be improved with the class members being asked to describe the tastes.

Summer term maths work in Orange Class will look at matching daily items that we all use. An example might be a pillow and a settee. The children will be asked to think about the connection between these two objects. Role play will form a large part of this learning.

We will also be continuing with our regular trips to Brockwell Park every Tuesday morning. The children enjoy climbing in the playground. These trips are combined with a visit to our local shops. We stop off and buy snack food that is then enjoyed at the park.

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