Class 10TD Food Tech Dietary Requirement Topic

Summer term food tech work in Class 10TD has involved the students preparing dishes that cater for people with special dietary requirements. The students have been understanding what is meant by having a gluten free or a vegan diet.

We have had great success with our black bean chocolate cake and the vegetable noodles. These are suitable for a gluten diet and a vegan diet.

A recent food tech session saw the pupils bake a tasty dairy free carrot cake. Flax seeds were used as a substitute for the egg. Oat milk was added rather than dairy milk to bind the mixture together.

The students used their grating and measuring skills to prepare the cake. They were asked to organise their own work by ticking off each stage on the recipe sheet once it was completed.

Each student was asked to assess their work whilst the cakes were baking. They were asked to comment on how they could improve their work and what they enjoyed about the activity.

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