Class 11EG Start Work on Major English Research Project

Class 11EG have now completed their Entry Level English exams. The students are spending the rest of the summer working on a major research project as part of our English learning.

The students have been asked to choose a topic which they are passionate about. We have had some varied choices including computer games, rapper 50 Cent and Jonny Cash.

Structured research has then taken place. Each pupil has researched online their chosen subject matter. English teacher Miss M wanted to know the history of the chosen topics and a little more about some of the achievements.

This information is being prepared in a Word document. Our findings will then be transferred over to PowerPoint. This will be an opportunity for the pupils to add some images and effects to help present their research.

The final outcome will be a Class 11EG assembly where we will explain to our friends more about our chosen subjects.

Another Class 11EG group has been working together as a team to research how books are made. Our findings will also be presented to the rest of the school as part of our class assembly.

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