Orange Class Continue with Food Topic

Orange Class have been continuing to learn about food in our choice of class reading books. The children are all now very familiar with The Very Hungry Caterpillar. They have completed various table work activities themed around the story.

The main learning intention has been to be able to retrieve information from a story. Some of the pupils have created a storyboard using the Picture Exchange Communication system. They have cut out scenes from the story and sequenced them in the correct order. Another activity has involved answering questions from the story using PECS.

Elsewhere in Orange Class and the structured weekly routine includes many different activities. Staff member Oli has been continuing with his communication and music sessions. The aim is to use our love of music to help develop speech.

The children have been continuing with their weekly visits to the school allotments, as well as our fun with food cooking sessions. We visit a local shop ahead of this to buy the ingredients. The big bike sessions are always popular in Orange Class.

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