Silver Class Cooking, Messy Play and PE

Silver Class are enjoying a busy summer term with different curriculum activities taking place. Each week the children take part in a cooking session. Recent menu items have included pizza and biscuits.

Our maths work has involved the children learning to count from 1 to 20. One-on-one adult support is available to support each child with their learning needs.

Messy play is one of the favourite activities in Silver Class. The children have enjoyed mixing flour and water to see what can be produced. This is a great sensory activity to stimulate the class members.

Our PE activities in Silver Class have involved the children learning how to throw and catch a ball. Staff members have been throwing soft balls in the direction of the children from above or from the side. The learning aim is to anticipate where the ball is coming from.

Our class reading book remains Kofi and his Magic Shaker. We will soon be starting a new book that has many opportunities for sensory learning. We will be reading about summer fruits in the story. Tasting sessions will be part of this learning.

The Silver Class children will be using the Picture Exchange Communication system to help with this activity. This is already used when asking an adult for help or support. Some of the children have extended this learning to ask verbally.

Finally we will be continuing with our weekly trips to Brockwell Park. We recently measured the total distance walked. We were surprised to see that it was almost 4km! The children take a well deserved break in the cafe at Brockwell Hall.

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