Turney School Singing and Signing Assembly

The Turney Secondary School singing and signing assemblies continue to be the best way to start a Monday morning. Each week music teacher Miss G leads the students through a fun assembly where we celebrate our love for singing and signing.

A gentle stretch usually starts off our morning of music. Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes gets everyone ready for the learning to come.

Our first song in a recent assembly was Whole New World. Miss G asked the students which film this is from. One of the pupils was able to answer with Aladdin.

We have been learning Whole New World throughout the summer term. Each week a new verse is added. Staff member Debbie is on hand to lead with her superb makaton signing skills.

Miss G then asked for any volunteers to join Debbie at the front of the assembly to help out with the signing. It was great to see a mixture of pupils form all age ranges keen to help out.

The assembly finished with a rousing performance of Queen’s We Are the Champions. This is a Turney School favourite and always generates a great response.

Our assembly finished by singing happy birthday to staff members Ian and Christian.

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