Year 13 Students Work on Improving ICT Skills

The Year 13 Turney students are working across a varied ICT curriculum. Each student has their own learning plan to help develop their understanding of computers.

One group is learning the basics of coding. The aim is to understand how code is the foundations for all computer software. Online learning resources have been used to help with this learning.

Typing skills are the focus for another group. We have a choice of keyboards available in the Turney ICT suite that are ideal for students who have special learning needs.

Clicking and dragging is another activity that some of the Year 13 students are working on. This is a key skill that needs to be mastered to help with future ICT work.

A final group of students are using the school iPads to assist with their ICT learning. They find the touch screen technology an ideal way in which to access the ICT curriculum.

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