Yellow Class Phonics, Maths and Public Transport Trips

The Yellow Class children are continuing to achieve with some great work across the Turney School curriculum. Each morning we work on our phonics understanding. Some of the pupils have reached phonics phase 3. We have been learning how to blend sounds such as ur, sh and ch into words.

Our maths learning in Yellow Class has had the aim of learning how to jump addition to 20. This is technique that uses a number line. It helps the pupils to visualise the relationship between number as they move up and down the line.

We are also looking at 3D shapes as part of our maths learning. The Yellow Class pupils are being challenged to count the number of faces, vertices and edges.

Elsewhere and the Yellow Class children are gaining their confidence in using public transport. Every Thursday we take a short trip on a bus to local location. A recent trip involved a journey up to Crystal Palace where the children played in the park. This is all about building up the confidence of the pupils.

Finally we would like to welcome our new friend to Yellow Class. We have been joined by another class member who is settling in superbly and feeling comfortable with the Turney School routine.

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