Lime Class English, Guided Reading and Maths

Lime Class have been reading a version of the Three Little Pigs story that has a different twist. Our story is called the Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig!

It some has similarities to the traditional story. Houses are made out of bricks, concrete and metal. The Big Bad Pig then comes across a house made of flowers and he enjoys the smell. His heart softens and everyone becomes friends.

This is a great way to help the Lime Class children think about friendship rather than conflict. One of the key messages is how friendships can help to change our own world.

We have completed different table activities based around the story. One group has answered questions thinking about who, where and what is happening in each scene. The different events have been sequenced together in the correct order. Other class members have been identifying and describing the main characters.

Elsewhere in Lime Class and our daily guided reading sessions continue. Some of the pupils have reached phase 3 of their phonics learning.

Our maths learning in Lime Class has helped the children to tell the time using analogue clocks. We have started by identifying the time at the top of the hour. We will soon be introducing half past times into our learning.

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