Orange Class and The Jungle Book

Orange Class are reading The Jungle Book story during the second half of the summer term. Our first task was to identify the different characters. We found that Mowgli is the main character in the story.

This then led to the children finding out who is friends with Mowgli and which characters are his enemy. We have used this information to think about friendship and how we can help each other in class.

Guided reading in Orange Class has involved the children exploring the different letters in the alphabet. We have been learning what sound each letter makes.

Our humanities learning has led to the children looking at the difference between the past and the present. We have used examples such as clothes and houses to identify what is old and what is new.

Finally our science theme in Orange Class is the changing seasons. We have been making the most of the brilliant summer weather to think about what activities take place during this time of year, and what clothes we can wear.

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