Year 11 Weekly Trips to Roots and Shoots College

The Year 11 students are continuing with their weekly college trip to Roots and Shoots. This is a learning centre in Kennington that has a focus on helping local people to learn about nature and wildlife.

Each Friday the Turney students attend a session based around a specific theme. We have been learning how to look after a garden, as well as thinking about the different insects that a garden might attract. A recent session focussed on the benefits of bees.

Life cycles have also been taught. The Year 11 students have looked in detail at the life cycle of frogs, as well as particular plants.

Our Roots and Shoots sessions are a mixture of theory and practical. Time is spent outdoors in the greenhouses and growing area.

We have been helping the staff with looking after the many plants and vegetables that are growing. One project has involved the Turney students building a flower bed for local residents.

These sessions are aimed at being a transition for some of the students ahead of possible college courses. They are an opportunity for Year 11 to leave the Turney environment and experience learning in a different setting.

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