Year 13 Amazing Music Progress – Watch the Video

The Year 13 students are making some amazing progress as part of our weekly music lessons with Miss G. Each student has their own objective that has been designed to challenge them and improve their learning.

We usually start these sessions with a brief warm up activity. Stretching, Simon Said and Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes helps to get our bodies and mind focussed for the learning ahead.

The soft fabrics are then introduced. A piece of music is played. This is a listening exercise. The students are then asked to use their Picture Exchange Communication boards to describe the music.

The main learning for the summer term has involved the Turney keyboards. Each class member has a specific objective to meet. These range from understanding how to create a sound, to playing a simple sequence of notes.

One of the Year 13 students has made some outstanding achievements with her work. She is now able to play independently Twinkle Twinkle on the keyboards.

Choosing time is the reward for meeting the objectives. The students are given a free choice to select an instrument. The PEC boards are used once again to communicate this request.

Our weekly music sessions in Year 13 then wind down with some more music and movement. Miss G has introduced forwards and backwards instructions into our routine as we move around the music studio.

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