Final Singing and Signing Assembly Celebrates Leavers

The final Singing and Signing assembly of the summer term was a very special occasion at Turney School. We dedicated the morning to one of the Year 11 leavers and asked her to choose the songs for everyone to sing.

The Turney Leaver’s Assembly took place the week before. Sadly the young student was unable to attend as she was visiting her new sixth form school for September.

We started the assembly by looking back on some of the photos from the Leaver’s assembly. Miss G had prepared a superb slideshow show with some celebratory party music.

The songs that were chosen were Somewhere Over the Rainbow and Don’t Go Breaking my Heart. The secondary school children have been learning the words and makaton signs for these throughout the year.

It was great to see other friends join in at the front of the assembly and help out with the signing. A short speech was then given by the leaving student, thanking many staff and friends.

We finished our Singing and Signing assembly by singing happy birthday to the staff and pupils who will be celebrating during the holidays.

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