Year 13 Music and Sensory Learning

Year 13 have responded well this term to the routine of our weekly music lessons. Class teacher Miss G has been keen for the students to understand what is coming next in each lesson. This helps to keep everyone focussed on target.

Responsibility is handed down to some class members. One of the students looks after the timetable. Cards are removed once each activity has been completed.

Some music movement starts our lessons. Gentle stretching then leads to a very fast run through of Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes.

Sensory time then follows. A soft piece of music is played. The students have access to sensory materials to feel. Staff members add to the mood by blowing bubbles around the music studio. Communication in Print is used to describe how the music sounds.

We have been using music in Year 13 to help with communication. The class members then welcome one another using one of the African drums. They have been learning how to tap our the correct number of syllables in the names of our friends.

Each student is then asked to choose an instrument to play using the PEC system. Different objectives have been set. One of the students has been asked to play each guitar string in sequence as he moves up and down the scale. Another Year 13 pupil has been working with an adult, taking it in turns to play the drum.

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