Class 8MA Team Work and Taking Turns in PE

Class 8MA have been concentrating on working well as a team and taking turns during our early autumn term PE lessons. PE teacher Mr Jones is keen for the pupils to understand how we can achieve a lot more when we work together.

Our PE lessons always start with a gentle stretch and warm up exercise. The class members are asked to make the connection between being able to perform well if our bodies are ready for the sport to follow.

Three work stations were then set up in the school gym to help improve the Class 8MA teamwork. The first activity involved throwing three bean bags through a hoop. Another work station saw the students dribble and then shoot a basketball. A final football work station required the pupils to dribble and then score a goal.

We worked in small groups on these activities. Praise was given whenever Mr Jones could see good examples of team work and waiting our turn to take part.

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