Busy Time for Silver Class as they Settle into Routine

The Silver Class children are continuing to play and explore as they settle into their new surroundings. Class teacher Aga has set up many different sensory experiences to help with this process.

Communicating with adults has also been one of the early learning aims. The children have been introduced to the Picture Exchange Communication system to help them share any requests.

Staff members have been working with the children to help them stay focussed. Listening to instructions is a key part of our Silver Class learning. The behaviour of the children has been excellent!

Our learning activities have helped the children with their sensory needs. We have been using the homemade play dough to make different shapes. This is made out of flour and water and is extra safe for the children to explore.

We have also been playing with puzzles as part of our early table activity learning. Some mark making has taken place to introduce the children to the idea of number formation.

Our music therapy sessions have introduced the children to nursery rhymes. Different instruments are available for the children to choose and explore.

Finally it is worth mentioning our messy play sessions which are fantastic fun! The children play together in a safe environment with water and other art resources.

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